defunct (thegreatdark) wrote in lj_dev,

Strange idea

I've not used MS Office since Office97, and as such don't know too much about it. But, correct me if I'm wrong, can't it do something similar to their management console as far as snap-ins or something similar? Can't people develop them or something?

I was just thinking that'd be kind of kickass for someone at school or work or even at home, to be able to type up a post in Word with fonts, formatting, etc then just click a button on the toolbar.

Is there something that can do this in Office 2K or Office XP? Personally I'll never buy Office again, 97 works fine (as well as my free legal Wordperfect for linux), but there are tons of users who do, and that'd be a nice offset to the clients (since you could also save them as files and such). Just a nice simple post, nothing too fancy.

But of course this is all futile if it can't be done.

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