yarffaJ nalA (jnala) wrote in lj_dev,
yarffaJ nalA

What are people doing?

Brad's on the road, working on S2. Mart's doing the new user-creation process. I'm not sure what else people are doing or planning on doing. Tell us!

Here's my list...

I've been in Montreal and San Diego for the last couple of weeks, having a good time but unfortunately doing nothing LJ-related. I have several patches (X-Livejournal, userinfo, friendgroups in web client) that I need to merge into the most recent CVS. (And hope that Brad hasn't made changes that break them again on his road trip. Is he in email contact at all?)

Feature-adds, in increasing order of difficulty: I'm going to write something to create communities directly, abstracting out the user-creation code. I'd like to take a first stab at integrating syndication into the server. I'd like to design and code some of the more extensive custom metadata stuff I've occasionally talked about.

Code cleanup: I want to take a big machete to some of the modules, and chop those BML files into little subroutines. Along the way I would like to add an abstraction layer above many of the database calls, so we can add memoization, simplifying the code and reducing DB load.

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