defunct (thegreatdark) wrote in lj_dev,

When accounts are deleted, does the 30-day message ever go away?

How odd.

I still list sleepingnexy as a friend, from when scottfreeman created it a while back but consequently deleted it. It's marked in the console as "DEAD" but still listed as a friend; yet in my friends list I cannot see this user to remove it. This could create some sort of bad thing, I'm not sure. Sounds like it could.

Could this be changed to automatically de-friend the user once their account is deleted? As it is, some new user could come along and create the sleepingnexy account and automatically be friended by me (And possibly be friends with me).

Just out of curiousity, let me check and see.

Hmm, odd.

It displays the 30-day error yet it's been sufficiently longer than 30 days since it's been deleted.

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