Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_dev,

LJ: a plugin?

I was poking around over at and I noticed a poll... people were asking what plugins would they like to see written. One of the responses was a plugin for weblogs/journals. Slashdot might look nice, but I hear their code is inefficient with resources... despite this, however, it might be very nice to become the weblog/journal of choice for anyone who uses Slash code for their site.

The same might apply to other software out there. We should enable people who use ______ to use LiveJournal easier than someone else's weblog. Maybe we could even have LJ plugins for popular browsers, e-mail clients, etc.

We should also be looking into making it easier for LJ users to make lj entries from any browser just by clicking on a LJ icon in their personal toolbar, typing in a window, and hitting submit. Alternately, we could do this similarly to how AIM is integrated into Navigator... an icon that runs the app. We might be able to add something to the user(s) browser automatically during client software installation, though we should probably have the installer make it a selected option, rather than forcing people to have it installed.

Ideas, thoughts, suggestions?

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