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LiveJournal for reporters

I had a thread of emails recently with a reporter about a story that he did on weblogs and we got into discussing the needs of reporters for weblog applications.

The long and short of it is that a lot of reporters are starting to get very interested in having their own weblogs, but there are several barriers preventing them from doing so.

- Budget (for software, such as Userland's Manila)
- Budget (for all the html and IT help they'll need to get it all set up)
- The lack of a truly good application for doing what they need to do
- Their own innate lack of technical ability

The standard for such reporter-run weblogs is currently Dan Gillmor's, but then again, he is technically skilled himself and is the technology reporter for the major paper in the Silicon Valley. He has resources that lots of other reporters simply do not have.

If LiveJournal wants serious attention as a project, we should work to solve the problems that all these other reporters have... if we can create some kind of customized solution geared towards what they specifically need, so that they can do weblogs like Gillmor's easily, it would greatly help us.

What reporters need are weblogs that:
- are easy to set up and maintain from a web/IT perspective
- are painless for reporters to create and update
- look professional and have appropriate styles for their needs.
- have a built-in ability to associate anchors with headers for posts.
- allow them to have their recent weblog entries on their site, regardless of whether our servers are down.
- can be edited on their side temporarily (if possible).

My question to all of you is what can we do now that will get us to a state where all of these specs can be achieved? How do you think we should implement these features?

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