Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick


This is probably not of much interest to people, but I want a place to be able to point people in the future should I need to.

We now have two new tables: recent_logtext and recent_talktext. They are the same format as logtext and talktext but they use 4 byte pointers instead of 5 byte pointers. In other words, they're intended to always be under 4 GB in size.

Any inserts/updates happen to both tables.

recent_* are replicated to our dummy database slaves, but not logtext and talktext.

recent_* tables will be cleaned every night or so, removing everything older than a week.

Applications will no longer query logtext/talktext directly to get data... instead they'll go through an API which first tries recent_*, and if it doesn't get everything, then goes on and gets the remaining ones from the real tables (on the master database).

The whole point of this is to load-balance the database. Those two text tables are the biggest tables and cause by far the most disk activity and overall load on the database (especially since they contain variable-length records).

This should make cartman's job a ton easier.

Current Status:
config options: now in CVS,
recent_logtext writing: now in CVS,
recent_logtext reading: not done
recent_talktext writing: not done
recent_talktext reading: not done
ljmaint script to clean recent_: not done is patched and in CVS to do the recent_logtext stuff.

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