Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Mail loops

Read this bug report:
I just created an account to make into a community. As I have a paid account, I entered my LJ email address as its address, so any mail to this account would go to wherever my main account mail went. This is a handy feature, because it means that if I change my address, I only need to update my main account on LJ. I hope that made sense. OK, so the account creates fine, and I go to edit the profile, and fill in blah blah blah, and submit, and it won't let me use an address I can see that people might have put an LJ address in mistakenly when they didn't have a paid account, but isn't there some other way around this? And if this validation is correct, shouldn't it do the same when you create an account? Sorry to bother you. Didn't seem like something support could help with.
What is the best option? The bad thing is we can have loops. User "bob" gets a paid account and lists "" as his real email address, so where do we forward mail to then?

Now, we could allow bob to list anything but as his email address, but what if he uses bob2, and bob2 uses bob. Now we have a loop.

Should we not care and let the MTA deal with this, or should we put in some graph traversal code to check for loops whenever email addresses are created/modified?


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