dystopia (saeya) wrote in lj_dev,

idea...but i need some dev peoples help

All right, for those of you familiar with the little characters www.stor.co.uk puts out with its chat client, you'll be familiar with what I am talking about. For those of you who are wondering what I am on about go play with: http://www.stor.co.uk/troopers.php (i'm not making it a link as I don't want them to follow the trail of stats back to this post)

Cute isn't it? It's also a lot of fun trying to make yourself. They do a lot of work for Channel 4 here and people love them. My idea(s) go something like this:

Plan A (short term and easier to do):

- I create 20 or so characters off the bat, we allow those people who have no access to a scanner or digital camera or people who just don't have a userpic to use them (or anyone could). They could chose from one and use it as the default for their journal. Twenty of them really isn't enough (everyone wants to be original) so I'd try to add one daily (possibly more) until we can have a shit load of them.

Plan B (the better, more long term plan--also a little tougher to implement):
- I start creating bits and pieces like on they have on the stor.co.uk site. I make, bodies and hair and eyes and clothes and you get the idea. One of you brilliant people makes a client which would enable us to do what stor have done. It would need to be automated and one of you would need to explain to me how the graphics would need to be formatted. This would allow users to be as creative as they like (or as dull as they like) and would be a nice little LJ feature.

I come to lj_dev because, as much as I know about web/graphic design, I'm a total dolt about programming and what the best way to do this would be. I've spoken to Brad already, he thinks it's a great idea and told me to see if anyone here has any ideas or would like to take on the backend of this project.

I literally just thought of applying this to LJ when I saw revjims latest post. I've wanted to make these little characters for a while for my own site (or clients sites) but I'd much prefer to use them here. I'm not even sure yet about what I want them to look like, so nothing about this very loose plan is set in stone. I'd love to hear what ideas you have.

Questions? Comments? Thanks for reading through all of that, btw :P

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