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Journal Backup

I wrote a Windows utility to backup your journal.


It's pretty incomplete, but it should do the job.
From the ReadMe:
Known limitations:
- Security information isn't saved.
- No alternate server / proxy support.
- Error reporting may not be complete.
- The status message doesn't quite correspond to status.
- The browse for path button (...) isn't implemented.
- Not tested too well.

My current considerations:
  • If everyone backs up at once, there might be a server hit... but I think the word-of-mouth nature of LiveJournal should keep this from happening.
  • More interestingly, because this exports to a set of XML files (one per entry), you end up with a directory full of a few thousand (in my case) journal entries. Is this bad? Will we hit some file system limits?
    I could do some sort of hashing using subdirectories, but grouping by date seems unweildy, and grouping by least significant digit splits stuff up too much.

This client will be extended to support syncing your journal: effectively staying up-to-date with the latest changes. (Yeah, this is from the MyLJ project.)

Anyway, it's juggling night, so I'm gonna run. Hope this works for you!

Update (08 March 2002):
Just to answer some questions I've been having:
- No, I haven't released any new versions.
- I'd be happy to give away the source but I think I've since lost it. It wasn't that hard to write and I may write something similar this summer.
- This program no longer works, due to some architectural changes on LiveJournal.

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