mge (mge) wrote in lj_dev,

Friends Page and Date Sorting.

Hey all, Question for ya.

I assume the date sorting on the "friends" page is based offa the time stamp the server gives every post, and not the one the user sets? And the Date in the persons journal is based offa the one the user sets?

This is kinda weird, because it makes "back filling" entires hard. For example, my Saturday, June 9th, Entry got lost when the DB filled up. No big deal, I just decided to repost what I had said. When I did, and then edited the entry to show with the correct date, everything looked fine in my journal, but my friends page (I friend myself) became weird.

The dates got all messed up and looked like this:

June 12,
MY June 9th Entry (That I made one the 11th or Early the 12th)
June 11
June 10
ALL OTHER June 9th Entry's

It would seem to me it would make more sense the sort these by the user specified date, instead of by the server timestap (since we already use the user specified date to date the post).

Does this make any sense? or do you want me to make a fake journal to show an example with.

I know I could "backdate" the post, but I want it to show up, just with a different date.


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