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Uh crap, its that deadjournal guy again

Hi everyone!

Question about setting up moods, I was going to post examples from the tables, but its going to b0rk up all of the linewraps...

1. I setup the theme in the moodthemes table, and made them public

2. In the moodthemedata table, the individual theme image URL's properly referenced to the moodthemes.moodthemeid

3. I have no idea what goes in the moods.* table.. This is probably the table that links "happy" -> image (depending on what moodthemeid you pick).. I see a moodthemeid, a mood, and a parentmood fields, but I have no clue what goes in there..

Can someone give me a helping hand on how to set this up? (or maybe a mysqldump or two.. heh) :)

Thank yee!

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