Sean (darksoul) wrote in lj_dev,

Sorting of friends area in userinfo

i was told i should bring this to the attention of the Development community...

it was brought to my attention that on my userinfo area, the names in my two friends lists are in different orders.

on the friends section:

captions, dark_raine, darker_dreams, darkflamewitch, davethebrave

on the friend of section:

cryptic, darker_dreams, darkflamewitch, dark_raine, davethebrave

ignoring the first and last names on each list, notice that the three "dark" names are in different orders. my assumption is that it's a difference in how the two groups are sorted, but wouldn't it be easier to have them both be sorted by the same sort function? my grasp of coding isn't nearly up to par enough to be able to skim through the coding and see for myself, so i thought i'd tell the experts and let them take care of it instead, and since no one in support seemed willing to pass it along, here i am. thanks for your time guys. :)

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