(zztzed) wrote in lj_dev,

Last night I set up my own LiveJournal server just for the hell of it (yes, that is the sort of thing that I do for fun). I had a few problems with file permissions and I had to upgrade mySQL, but after that it worked pretty well, except for two problems:
1) It's pretty slow (of course, I am running it on a P200/MMX with 32MB of RAM and old, slow hard drives, and I'm not using FastCGI or anything, so that's more of an observation than a complaint)
2) There's no list of moods anywhere. I set a mood (specifically, "accomplished") on my first post and it just appears as "Current Mood: ". I've grepped around and all I see is the definition of the moods table and some SQL files for importing a few of the mood themes. Now, as I'm pretty happy with the set of moods from LJ, and I'm a lazy bastard, I don't really want to create my own mood list and I don't want to enter all the moods from LJ by hand. So, uh...what should I do?

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