Sister Salvation (eris) wrote in lj_dev,
Sister Salvation

question for brad (or anyone who'd know) about BML

by way of introduction i'm eris and i'm 1/2 of

what i'm working on right now is the new look of deadjournal
what i've got for the global look is just a top bar with a much prettier look than what's there and drop down menus for all the menu options
there are 2 menus that are meant to show only when logged in (rather similar to the sidebar here)
i'm just learning how bml works so bear with me if i say something stupid

my question is what would be the exact bml that goes around things to be shown if logged in or if not logged in

i changed this a bit and put it around said menus

if ($ENV{'REQUEST_URI'} =~ /^\/log(in|out)/) {
return "";
my $cooku = $BMLClient::COOKIE{"ljuser"};
if ($cooku && $BMLClient::COOKIE{"ljhpass"} =~ /^$cooku:(.+)/) {
return "Logged in: $cooku, Logout";
} else {
return "Not Logged in. Login";

i had it up live for 2 seconds last night and half of it worked, so i'm sure i'll eventually figure it out but it'd be nice to see a general what goes around loggedin/notloggedin instead of copying and changing code from other places

if i didn't explain well smack me and i'll try to rephrase
i'm only geekintraining :)

p.s. if anyone's interested is where i've been posting progress and updates

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