Brad Whitaker (whitaker) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Whitaker

Handy-Dandy Markup ? (HDML) :-)

I was sitting here typing a journal entry, with a link to another user's livejournal when I started thinking...

We should create a markup language that can get used in LiveJournals for common tasks.. we could take some strain off the client developers and have the server do a bit of parsing of entries. I dunno what we would use for the tags, but we could make it very html/xml-ish so people would be familiar with it? Caption or some crap like that. We could do the same for fetching pictures, etc... pretty much any resource found on LiveJournal. Another great one would be comment IDs... it could possibly fetch the subject as a caption if no caption was specified: Cool comment. Of course, the overhead might be a bit too great, but we could reduce that if we just parsed it once and stored the parsed content in the database instead of doing it on the fly for every pageview... the syntax could change too.

Hrm, would this be cool? too many problems?

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