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(This is from around like 83 or so)

Is there anything bad with this? Highlighted bits got changed, rest is kosher brad.

(And apologies @ the image -- it was the easiest way to make it readable and besides - a 2-bit .GIF isn't so bad to load)

7K for that? Sheesh. Anyway -- comments? Questions? Suggestions? I think this'd work, with only the following issues:

  • Would they be able to enter "quoted multiple words" for text=?
  • What if they do something screwy with brackets and shit? Filter this text using something
  • 99.98% sure you don't have to define {var's}. In perl you don't. It'd be stupid if you did. Let's hope not.
  • Um... yeah
  • I see no problem.

If there's no text for text, then it defaults to the current one, if they have corrupt / invalid text for user, then it does like it's been doing. Right?

Probably a better way to format it with the if's but it's 3AM and I don't remember how to do AND's :o)

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