Pendragon (amnis) wrote in lj_dev,

html compliance in default styles

This is probably a pretty low-priority concern, but should be addressed at some point.

It appears that several (all?) browsers on Mac OS X do not render Livejournal HTML properly in most of the default styles. Running some examples through the validator at, lots of errors show up. It is a given that many of these errors are not necessarily important in default HTML rendering, but some of them (particularly table formation) can affect things negatively. IE/Win appears to render fine most of the time, but it is much more tolerant of HTML inconsistencies.

I'm not trying to be a stickler here for standards compliance, but....

My question is - would anyone like to assist in summarizing the changes that need to be made to the styles to make them semi-compliant and get them into the hands of whoever is able to make those changes so at least a few users can enjoy the full LJ experience? As it stands, I have to have one browser open to view comments properly, and another to view journal entries properly :)

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