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So bored.

UPDATE: Brad gave me a link so I've got the logos now (at least I think so). Hurrah! ;o) (and much Thanks, by the way)

I modified Loserjabber to have the new Friends padlock as opposed to the old one. I know, insignificant and piss easy. But still, I did do it. :oP

Now if there's something I'm supposed to do with it... someone let me know :o)

I (due to the fit of boredom) also want to change it, make it look all "spiffy and pretty" like the Windows client does. Well maybe not spiffy or pretty, but anyway... does anyone have a clue who made the current default style on /? If so, you think they'd send me a .bzip2 or .PSD (GIMP or Windows) with layers of the pencil? Probably no clue, but I can ask them... if anyone has a clue who did it.


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