yarffaJ nalA (jnala) wrote in lj_dev,
yarffaJ nalA

Userinfo patch

Changes to userinfo:
  • All friends/communities which are friends of the logged-in user are boldfaced, as with interests. (See several posts in suggestions.)
  • Friends and communities are separated into mutual/friend-only/friendof-only categories, with alt-tagged icons indicating which is which. See previous lj_dev post and tribelessnomad's comment in particular.
  • The list of who can post to a community, or which communities a user can post to, has been made more space-efficient and is available even outside of full mode. The obsolete "Shared Journal Access" terminology has been replaced with "Posting Access".
  • A bug which caused the "add as friend" icon to appear even when no one is logged in, or when the user is already a friend of the logged-in user, has been fixed.
  • The code now relies on XML::Generator and Class::Singleton, and a singleton Generator object is available throughout the code. The two packages (one file each) are currently included in the distribution but can be removed and left for separate installation if desired. See my previous two posts.
  • The code also relies on three arrow icons; evan offered to redraw them and make them prettier, but they're okay as is.
Everything is in subdirectories of http://pobox.com/~jaffray/lj/20010512/userinfo/; the big changes are in htdocs/userinfo.bml.diff.

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