Cryo (cryo) wrote in lj_dev,

Mac not showing comments right...

I think I've found out why.. has anyone actually run the HTML generated by talkread.bml through a parser? There's like.. some errors, including one dealing with tables. IE and NS are notorious for having table issues between each other if it's not -perfect-. A cursory exam shows [BASEFONT] inside of [HEAD], an extra [/tr] (most likely the mac problem), [a ..][table]...[/table][/a] (which you can't have a table inside of an tag... etc.

Also, it would be nice if it would actually attempt to make it readable by appropriate \n's once in a while. Having a 400 line HTML spooge isn't impressive for the few extra bytes of saved space.

But anyway, that looks like the problem.. I saved the HTML locally, fixed the broken tags, then loaded the file and it displayed properly.

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