Opi (opiummmm) wrote in lj_dev,

I need a calendar program for http://live.livejournal.com (live(obligatory new tag usage)) . Currently we use a free program from http://calendars.net, however, this isn't the best solution for our live section.

What I need is a calendar program that :

  • recognizes a standard LJ log-in

  • can be placed on the actual lj servers

  • can easily post an event to any given day

  • can also easily edit those events

  • can post events to consistent days of the week (every Monday, every other Wednesday, etc)

  • can span events across consecutive days

This is sort of frustrating, because this is just outside my perl knowledge, and yet I don't want to bother Brad with something like this.

Blah. Anyone up for some perl work?

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