Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick


New source release. This covers everything that's been on lj_dev lately and more. Click read more for changelog.


        - qbufferd now not required by default (no query buffer).  (bradfitz)
        - qbufferd uses Proc::ProcessTable now (alanj)
        - directory changes / cleanups (bradfitz)
        - more static data imported in SQL that should've been there all along (bradfitz)
        - lj URLs (lj://users/blah, etc) is remaped in (martmart)
        - editinfo_do accepts @$USER_DOMAIN emails now if aliasing off (alanj)
        - editinfo_do bugfixes for birthyear bounds checking (alanj)
        - files in dist. weren't world reabable, problem for some people running
          their webservers as a user other than lj (alanj)
        - remove a perl.core file from the dist.  whoops  (alanj)
        - $LJ::SPELLER can be undefined now (bradfitz, alanj)
        - global.look doesn't override incorrectly the SITEROOT now (alanj)
        - log.cgi can take a responseenc key of "urlenc" for flash clients (bradfitz, hinkle)
        - new function LJ::canonical_username in (bradfitz)
        - new pretty "Notepad" style (scottfreeman) - requires latest images.tar.gz too
        - comment overrun problem in (evan, bradfitz)

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