Иосиф Фaннин (jhf) wrote in lj_dev,
Иосиф Фaннин

I'm attempting to install the latest LiveJournal-server snapshot on my RedHat 7.1 box, largely blindly following the INSTALL instructions, like this one:

Now test this by going to the web addess you set the VHOST for. You should recieve the main LiveJournal page. If you recieve a BML error from the parser ('Unable to load configuration file'), you may wish to edit cgi-bin/ljconfig.pl and manually add a path before all references to bmlp.cfg

Yeah, I'm getting the error, but there are no references to bmlp.cfg in ljconfig.pl . rgrep'ing for bmlp.cfg in cgi-bin shows a couple of different files.

So before I delve into BML, does anyone see a reason why I'm having a problem with this? I haven't set up the database yet; that's about the last thing I have to do, it seems.


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