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Windows client: a change in UI

I made some more changes to the Windows client. The most exciting of these is a change in the way Post Options work: when you press the "Post Options" button, they pop out at the bottom of the window, and stay there until you press the button again. This seems like a useful thing.
(however, the dialog for editing old posts retains the old modal post options dialog for now).

I am not entirely satisfied with the look of post options now that they are part of the main window, and could use some UI suggestions on how to improve that. Also, a lot of code had to be changed, so perhaps there are some bugs with the posting options, though I couldn't find any. If you're interested in the new functionality, please download, test, and report bugs and suggestions. Especially UI suggestions.

Other changes include:

- incorporated Tim's
1.4.7-beta code into my source tree. This concerns mainly three things: explicit support for proxies (in the menu of the login dialog), support for detecting music off Media Player 7 (with a special skin only, see here), and smarter behaviour with respect to surrounding whitespace when inserting links.

- added a global option to ignore Windows' own proxy settings, and just connect to Internet directly regardless of what Windows says. This may help people with screwed IE setups.

- fixed a few minor bugs. Added the ability to change the URL for communicating with the server in the registry; default /cgi-bin/log.cgi .

- updated About dialog box.

- removed illegal code from the source. Unfortunately, I cannot distribute a version of the client with spellchecking inside; only Tim
can distribute the relevant files, according to license requirements on the spellchecking component. Those who need spellchecking should just stick to 1.4.6.

Things in the pipeline:
- add journal selection to post options controls in the main window.
- add abbreviations: any word would automatically be replaced by a user-defined text (e.g. links to users' LJ page s for users you often mention in your journal).
- offline posting?
- other suggestions?

Here's the executable.
Update! A nasty bug which messed up the UI on Win 95/98/ME appears to have been successfully fixed. If you encounter any more problems, please comment.

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