Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Another snapshot!

If you've been waiting to run a test LJ server on your own machine, this is it. Thanks to alanj, the code is very clean now ... no references to anywhere. And tons of configuration options. I also have a bunch of changes to BML in this release that lets it do cool things like set block definitions at runtime from an init script, which can include ... so there is now only one configuration file to totally customize LJ for your site. Also, the SQL is much more complete ... in previous releases a few tables were left out. Oh, and there are upgrade instructions too now, and a ChangeLog. And some directories are created now that weren't before.

Fun stuff. Should be easy to install. I'm looking into making a Debian package out of it, or piman's going to help me when he has some free time. Maybe ahze can make a FreeBSD port. Fun fun.

Also available are new images and a diff from 20010429.

If you're running a test server, you should upgrade -- it'll be painless. If you're trying to run LJ on an intranet, you should definitely upgrade. That's what this release was all about. It should now be possible to install it on a company intranet (or anywhere) very easily.

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