Cryo (cryo) wrote in lj_dev,

getpickw question

After Aaron noticed that his pictures weren't showing up in the dropdown on the OSX client, I looked in this a little further and found out that getpickw isn't doing what we think it should be.

Granted.. it's called getpickw..

"If your client supports picture keywords and you want to receive that list, send something for this key, like "1", and you'll receieve the list of picture keywords the user has defined."

What we need is something like getpics where it returns all pictures, and if it doesn't have a keyword, return a number for the name, perhaps.

This affects all clients and the webentry. You can not select an image without a keyword in it, and either we need to change that, or perhaps say something about that somewhere (in the pic upload?)

Thoughts? Blame aaron seems to be the best answer I have ;)

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