Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote in lj_dev,
Anatoly Vorobey

New features in the Win32 client.

The client has no current maintainer; however, I'm adding features
to it that I need or like, in a completely non-official manner. I thought that other people may need or like these features. There are three new features right now:

1. Support for the 'checkfriends' mode. By default, the client will check every minute (or however often the server tells it) whether the friends of the currently logged in user have any updates, and will flash the tray icon if they do. Flash icons were kindly provided by Scott Freeman.
The popup menu at the tray icon has a new entry to tell it to stop flashing. View->Options menu has a new entry to disable checking for updates.

2. Setting a font for viewing and editing the messages, both in main window and in History windows. The new menu entry is Edit->Set Font, keboard Ctrl-O. The font which is selected is then written into the registry setting and automatically loaded on subsequent runs. This
feature is particularly needed by some users which use LJ to record entries in languages other than English.

3. The client now supports setting a nonstandard server and/or port. For now the settings must be changed manually in the registry, at
HKCurrentUser/Software/, keys
'server' and 'port'.

Here're the Release executable, the Release Lite (no spellcheck) executable, and the source tree. The source was modified starting from the latest official version which is 1.4.6. To test, you can just download the appropriate executable and put them over your currently installed one, having wisely backed it up
before doing that.

Although, again, this is by no means an official release, I welcome bug/test reports about these particular features, and even requests for other features, which I, however, make absolutely no guarantee to try implementing :)

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