Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Database mirrors

With the new harddrives, we now have a replicated MySQL database running on Kenny. I started it with a snapshot from a few weeks ago so it'll take it a few hours to get caught up with all the updates.

Once it does, though .... ooooooh shit. It's gonna be fun. Much of the code will then be able to select from the database mirror and give cartman a little break. (not that Cartman needs much of a break right now... it's totally chillin' now with its second processor and 2 gig of memory)

Also, though... this'll mean we can put the directory back up, having it beat up the slave database. If you've been off planet for awhile, a quick history: the reason the directory went down was because it was causing MySQL to segfault. Maybe that bug has been fixed by now, but I'm not willing to run the directory on the main database if it might still exist. Database crashes are the worst ... totally kills the cache, taking the site down for an hour or so while it recovers.

Oh, we also have a new beefy machine coming that'll be another database mirror.... we're throwing around the idea of doing full text searches on that one for paid users. We'll see how well MySQL's full text indexing is before making any promises.

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