Stuart (delphy) wrote in lj_dev,

Calendar Subjects buglet

Hi All,

I just noticed the entry for "subjects" on the Calendar view. I may have also noticed a small buglet.

Go here first.

You'll note on the 9th April, the entry @ 11:58a appears *after* the entry for 12:57a (if you don't see it, trust me, it's there)

Same with the 27th, the entries @ 11:40a and 4:38p appear after the entry for 6:10p.

I thought that it might be to do with editing the entry, but I haven't edited any entries today.

I also note it's not in the source code as at 4th April so I can't check to see what it's doing.

Is this a bug? Feature? Am I just blind?

Anyway, I shall go back to lurking now :-)


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