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Short manual for intranets

I'm planning to write a short manual to distribute to coworkers when I announce LiveJournal as ready for use in our department; I don't think existing documentation is suitable for our needs. I expect that when I'm done, with a little modification it'll be of use to www.livejournal.com as well.

I sketched up a brief outline of such a manual over lunch today.

  1. Introduction
    • Lightweight system for creating periodically-updated web pages
    • Useful for journals, weblogs, announcement pages, discussion boards, ...
    • "Like instant messages to the web"
    • Provides excellent facilities for tracking updates to pages
    • Provides visibility between departments or geographically separate offices
    • Gets knowledge out of people's heads, paper notes, meetings, skimmed/deleted email, and into an organized, browseable, searchable web site
  2. Getting started
    • Probably minimal discussion of account setup, since many employees will have their accounts created for them in advance
    • Mention origin of LiveJournal software; references to www.lj.com, "paid accounts", legalese, COPPA, etc may be ignored
    • How to get/change your password
    • Where to edit user info later
    • What we use "interests" for (if anything)
  3. Downloading and using the client
    • Where to get it, how to install
    • How to post, how to set visibility
    • Where your page is located
    • How to edit existing posts
  4. Friends
    • Intro: friends are used for friends view, but also affect visibility, community posting access
    • How to add friends
    • How to access friends list, or others' friends lists
    • How to find people for friends list
  5. Communities
    • Intro: community == journal where multiple people can post
    • How to make, meaning of setup options
    • How to join and watch
    • How to post (client "Select Active Journal")
    • Making comments
    • Reading comments
    • Email notification
    • Using comments effectively
    • Future improvements to comment/notification system
  7. Advanced features
    • Intro: very powerful system, much is in flux, check most recent docs
    • Styles
    • Friend groups
    • Poll system
    • What else? I'm not a power user, I don't know what to put here
  8. Common uses
    • Quick section with more details on different ways to use LJ effectively
    • Personal work journal / scribble space
    • Keeping track of other members in a project team
    • Announcements page
    • Discussion board / brainstorming space
Should probably skip the last couple of sections for my first attempt at this. Anyway, comments or suggestions, particularly of existing text that I can steal from for some of the sections, would be welcome. Thanks.

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