yarffaJ nalA (jnala) wrote in lj_dev,
yarffaJ nalA

Getting your server running: A patch, and tips

I went through the entire body of server code and removed most of the hardcoded references to livejournal.com, replacing them with variables in ljconfig.pl. I would appreciate it if others tested the patch - it touches 58 different files, and while I did some testing on my server, it's difficult to test everything. You can get it at http://pobox.com/~jaffray/lj/diff.20010424. (More details on this cleanup effort in lj_audit.)

Stuff I learned the hard way:

If journals aren't updating, make sure qbufferd.pl is running. If it isn't, remove var/qbufferd.pid if it exists, and restart bin/qbufferd.pl.

You need to edit the first few lines of cgi-bin/bml/scheme/global.look, since it doesn't (yet) respect the settings in ljconfig.pl. You probably also want to edit htdocs/inc/email-welcome.

The source tarball doesn't include images, so all your images will either be broken or loading from img.livejournal.com instead of locally. I nagged Brad and he provided an image tarball. Download it and unpack it in ~lj/htdocs.

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