Thorn (thornik) wrote in lj_dev,

LJ Picture Uploader

Hello, guys!
Lately I made a program to upload pictures on LJ server (Page on SoftPedia). It's quite simple at look and same simple in use, so hope people will enjoy it.
If you have any ideas how to improve it, welcome!

Program is written on C#/.NET 4.5, uses PhotoBilder API.
Tags: *announce, client: .net, client: c#, client: image upload, client: windows
Как вариант костылей: когда загружаешь пикчу на сервер, номер галереи вставь в заголовок картинки, типа
"{394}Я и Пушкин", тогда тебе в списке картинок придёт

<Meta name="title">{394}Я и Пушкин</Meta>

и можешь смело сортировать.


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