Thorn (thornik) wrote in lj_dev,

LJ Picture Uploader

Hello, guys!
Lately I made a program to upload pictures on LJ server (Page on SoftPedia). It's quite simple at look and same simple in use, so hope people will enjoy it.
If you have any ideas how to improve it, welcome!

Program is written on C#/.NET 4.5, uses PhotoBilder API.
Tags: *announce, client: .net, client: c#, client: image upload, client: windows
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September 16 2013, 20:35:11 UTC 1 year ago

May be you have any ideas how to get info about album witch picture belongs to?


September 17 2013, 16:59:23 UTC 1 year ago

Is is functionality offer or just a question? :)
I plan to make combobox to select album where you want to upload photos.
If you wanna have info about existing photos, then fully functional manager is needed, which will call LJ's API.


September 17 2013, 19:59:42 UTC 1 year ago

It's a question because I coudn't find the way to divide pictures to albums


September 17 2013, 20:49:34 UTC 1 year ago

Только догадка: через этот очевидный вызов возможно приедет что-то типа

[Meta name='GalName']Мои фотки с сауны[/Meta]

(там же передаются метаданные - среди них наверняка будет инфа о галерее)


September 17 2013, 21:07:56 UTC 1 year ago

Хм. Этот метод я не заметил. Посмотрю, но что-то сомневаюсь. Спасибо.


September 18 2013, 07:21:52 UTC 1 year ago

Assuming that Google Translate didn't make a mess of the above exchange, if that method works, can you edit or comment on your own lj_dev entry to explain? It will make it easier for others with the same question to find it in the future.


September 18 2013, 09:47:17 UTC 1 year ago

No. This method returns unusable info.
This is part of my response:

2013-08-06 20:16:04

test album

And there are no pictures with id 20 or 21 and how can I link this info with images I don't understand


September 18 2013, 10:15:08 UTC 1 year ago

Your response looks like you called wrong method. Seems you called 'GetGalsTree', while I pointed you at 'GetPics'.


September 18 2013, 11:12:53 UTC 1 year ago

Yes. GetPics doesn't return any info about album.


September 18 2013, 16:18:21 UTC 1 year ago

Yep, I tested myself, there is nothing corresponding between pics and galleries. WTF??
You have only one way - to SUP. :)


September 18 2013, 16:28:11 UTC 1 year ago

Как вариант костылей: когда загружаешь пикчу на сервер, номер галереи вставь в заголовок картинки, типа
"{394}Я и Пушкин", тогда тебе в списке картинок придёт

<Meta name="title">{394}Я и Пушкин</Meta>

и можешь смело сортировать.


September 23 2013, 08:58:52 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  September 23 2013, 08:59:07 UTC

Did you test uploading private photos? Or can you create gallery with private access?


September 23 2013, 11:33:48 UTC 1 year ago

Never ever. There is no "private" sh*t when you drop your "secrets" into the Internet :)


September 23 2013, 11:34:34 UTC 1 year ago

Yep, confirmed by LJ support:

"Looking more closely, I see the problem is that GetPics returns no album
ID# or information sufficient to identify the album. I have opened a
ticket with LiveJournal developers requesting this be added to the GetPics

So wait until they fix.