danilovmy (danilovmy) wrote in lj_dev,

function- lj-like

In the journal community lj-photophile.livejournal.com is such a function- lj-like, when users can mark their favorite articles.
(The figures below each article like "+1 (45)")

how i kann included this property?

If nobody don't know, please somebody tell me, who can I ask?

when I asked this livejournal service, they heard from me about this property for the first time.

Thank´s a lot,
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wow, cool, I never saw this before!
My guess is that it's entirely custom and the frontend bits are in the styling system. (Not that I have any experience with that myself.)
Это чел фигню написал или это бот? в любой системе стилей это есть.
which incidentally is unstripped and thus untranslatable.
alleventrates.bml - shows how much piople liked my blog, but i can not get is_eventrate_enable()=true

Always is_eventrate_enable()=false! WAIDW?

It seems like this functionality is custom for the journal. Maybe you need to see the source code of the theme to figure out if you can apply it to your blog.