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No more private photo uploads?

(I asked this in the support forum, too, but I'm not getting any response; maybe this community is a better place to find the people who know.)

I maintain a photo uploader for Android which uses the Fotobilder API. Yesterday I noticed that private uploads, using the PicSec: 0 setting, were not working: they get an error message:

<Error code='211'>Invalid argument: PicSec</Error>

When I switch to public (PicSec: 255) or friends-locked (PicSec: 254), the client works correctly. And I know PicSec: 0 was working no more than three weeks ago.

Does anybody know whether private uploads have been deliberately blocked in the Fotobilder API for some reason, or is it just a bug?

(On further experimentation, I find that GalSec: 0 is also being refused, which makes me think it's more likely to be deliberate...)
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July 30 2013, 15:47:45 UTC 1 year ago

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http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/255.html was last updated about 8 weeks ago, so it may no longer be correct if the change is 3 weeks old. And http://lj-releases.livejournal.com/84558.html says there was a code push then, but no mention of Scrapbook API problems.


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