Gavin C (knaw) wrote in lj_dev,

Downloading LiveJournal to an e-reader format.

Is there a way to download LiveJournal directly into EPub or Kindle format?

I find it more comfortable to read an e-ink screen but the Kobo's built-in browser is fiddly.
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January 6 2013, 18:03:43 UTC 1 year ago

There may be an easier way, but if you do one of those PDF exports and then use Calibre to transfer it to a mobi format, that might work. I don't know how well the formatting will hold up, though.


January 6 2013, 18:11:17 UTC 1 year ago

Thanks very much. I'll give that a go, and see if it works.


January 6 2013, 19:49:49 UTC 1 year ago

If you are a paid account, you can use Calibre to access your frineds RSS feed using the links in this FAQ.

You will have to be authenticated to access protected entries.

It creates a PDF of all the entries in the RSS feed, and it's very basic (no comments are included). then you can migrate the PDF to your e-reader.


January 6 2013, 20:45:51 UTC 1 year ago

I wish I was a paid account holder, because that would have been a perfect solution.

Thanks for the suggestion.


April 11 2013, 11:22:33 UTC 1 year ago

You can add your friends RSS feeds to Calibre individually, and Calibre can make you an ebook in the format of your choosing, without first having to create a PDF. The down side is that you will only see your friends public posts.