Gavin C (knaw) wrote in lj_dev,
Gavin C

Downloading LiveJournal to an e-reader format.

Is there a way to download LiveJournal directly into EPub or Kindle format?

I find it more comfortable to read an e-ink screen but the Kobo's built-in browser is fiddly.
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There may be an easier way, but if you do one of those PDF exports and then use Calibre to transfer it to a mobi format, that might work. I don't know how well the formatting will hold up, though.
Thanks very much. I'll give that a go, and see if it works.
If you are a paid account, you can use Calibre to access your frineds RSS feed using the links in this FAQ.

You will have to be authenticated to access protected entries.

It creates a PDF of all the entries in the RSS feed, and it's very basic (no comments are included). then you can migrate the PDF to your e-reader.
I wish I was a paid account holder, because that would have been a perfect solution.

Thanks for the suggestion.
You can add your friends RSS feeds to Calibre individually, and Calibre can make you an ebook in the format of your choosing, without first having to create a PDF. The down side is that you will only see your friends public posts.