Why The Poor Should Be Blasted Out In To Space (nounverb) wrote in lj_dev,
Why The Poor Should Be Blasted Out In To Space

Delicious Livejournal Abandonment


Long ago I developed a script which parses delicious daily post data to LiveJournal due to (long ago) XMLRPC weirdness.

I called this script Delicious LiveJournal and previously had an open relay for which anyone could relay their delicious information.

Well I've graduated and my college webspace is cancelled so I am going to make the script available once again on a different host, however, there will not be any public relay available, so if you previously used this client, please download this code and put it on your own server.

Delicious LiveJournal

All you need is a server running PHP5. Put both scripts in a web accessible directory, and away you go. I've been really bad about maintaining development on this, I only added what I needed and used, so many others have made additions or subtractions as they saw fit for their uses.

Feel free to edit the code and redistribute but attribute the guy who wrote the XMLRPC library and me.

Have a great day.
Tags: client, client: posting, client: promote, client: xmlrpc, code: php5
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